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CruiseControl git modificationset errors

Toni Uebernickel

I encountered some errors while configuring my phpUnderControl. One of the errors were the <git> <modificationset> not returning results, but the gitbootstrapper actually updated the git repository. In my case, this was because the user running CruiseControl has set up colorful output in its git config. This option changes the output of the git-log command. The problem with that? The patterns the modificationset looks for do not match! I opened a change request on Thoughtworks for that - hopefully this will be fixed in the next release of CruiseControl.

The other error was about this warning Git - warning: Log for '' only goes back to [date]. This warning is thrown when you don’t have a local reflog back to that given date. This happened to me, because I removed the git repository within my build and cloned it on each build. This warning is no problem for the modificationset. However, I didn’t want this warning, so I updated my config.xml to use a cleanroom for the bootstrapper and the modificationset. Once built this warning should not occur another time, because you are not loosing the reflog of git anymore. I still clone the repository on each build, but this cleanroom won’t be touched anytime.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <project name="megacomplex" buildafterfailed="false">
    <schedule interval="60">
      <ant anthome="apache-ant-1.7.0" buildfile="projects/${project.name}/build.xml"/>
      <currentbuildstatuslistener file="logs/${project.name}/status.txt"/>
    <modificationset quietperiod="60">
      <git localWorkingCopy="projects/${project.name}/cleanroom/" />
      <gitbootstrapper localWorkingCopy="projects/${project.name}/cleanroom/" />
    <log dir="logs/${project.name}">
      <merge dir="projects/${project.name}/build/logs/"/>
      <artifactspublisher dir="projects/${project.name}/build/api"
      <artifactspublisher dir="projects/${project.name}/build/coverage"
      <execute command="phpuc graph logs/${project.name} artifacts/${project.name}"/>
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