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Rackspace Cloud Servers

Toni Uebernickel

I moved my servers into “The Cloud”™ - more specifically the Rackspace Cloud. Well why did I do this? The answer is about two years old. I asked my previous hosting service whether they are able to migrate my virtual servers to instances of their “root servers”. They said, this is not possible. As time flies by the vServers reached their limits. They were not scalable, so either I get another one .. and another one .. and yet another one. Well at some point I don’t want to sign another and another contract. I want to say “Now!” and the server is up - That’s why cloud. You have plenty of servers, make up your images for your certain server types and go for it. If you need more hardware, reboot - done!

Remains the question: Why Rackspace Cloud? The answer is referral and pricing. I didn’t want to pay much more for the benefits than at my old hosting service. So Amazon AWS is great and feature rich, but in terms of pricing they are at about 70USD/month for running one small instance. I know, that there are now micro instances. Let’s face it: My current invoice at Rackspace Cloud reads less than 40USD for five instances! The other point was a college already uses the infrastructure over at Rackspace Cloud and he is happy with it - so am I, now!

After all, the response time of my servers dropped dramatically, see this graph. The response time dropped to 30%

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